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The Story of our new Headquarters

We are excited to announce that our team moved to a new office, in the same office building, in Floreasca-Barbu Vacarescu area, one of the most sought-after business districts in Bucharest. Now that we are all settled in, we thought we’d give you a guided virtual tour and tell you a bit about our new space. Welcome! 

Now the 2nd floor of our HQ at AFI Park Floreasca, is a modern, open space and flexible office for our entire team of experts. To be honest, our new workplace is more than an office, it feels like a second home.

Starting from the idea of 360 °, the spatial solution we have chosen for our office reproduces the circular theme in various shapes and planes, which offers fluidity and movement to the space, but also reflects a universal symbolism that resonates very well with what Colliers represents: unity, the energy of belonging, the delimitation of a safe area, a space for learning and evolution.

Being an 'Active Learner' is a core value at Colliers, so plenty of cozy spaces have been planned for learning resources. We are free to get stuck into one of the many books available from our cute library.

Throughout the entire office area, which was designed completely to our own specifications and preferences by our inhouse team of talented architects, incorporating feedback from over 70 people at Colliers in a series of specially structured surveys and consultations, we've allocated a generous space to recreational informal areas.

And by the way, we love to relax in our own massage office chair!

Another theme present in the arrangement of our office is the biophilic essence, rendered not only by the plant inserts, but also by the chosen materials and fabrics, starting with the carpet that resembles white sand, the partitions with veneered frames, as well as the rest of the furniture having wood composition as an accent.


Private meeting rooms and silent areas create the perfect scenery for individual concentration sessions or cross-functional collaboration.

See our common area and sofa, welcome to employees and guests, it’s our favorite place to have informal conversations.


And, welcome to our stylish kitchen, where we are having lunch, grab a bite, or do our day-to-day celebrations. We can even play chess during our lunch break here!

Our workspace wouldn't be complete without an art graffiti of Bucharest, as you can see it!

Most of all, what you don’t see in pictures is the joy that we feel when we come here. We love the dynamic atmosphere of cooperation, friendliness and the cozy feeling of our new office. But more significant than our office is our team, who make the office a wonderful place to work at. 


We consider our new office as the beginning of another chapter in our history now that we have marked 25 years of presence on the Romanian market.

Thanks for being with us throughout this journey of growth!

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